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Samudera Cruise is a part of PT Samudera Indonesia Ship Management (SISMan). We are one of the biggest ship managers in Indonesia which has been established since 1991. We are holding certificate of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISM Code, ISPS Code, and implementing MLC 2006, TMSA, and OVMSA. As per July 2019, we had signed agreement with one of the biggest cruise company in the world, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd (RCCL). RCCL is a Global cruise holding company incorporated in Liberia based in Miami, Florida that established in 1968. Based on the agreement, SISMan has been chosen as one of the official hiring partners of RCCL in Indonesia to do recruitment and deployment for new hire crews who will be on board cruise ships owned by RCCL. Not only authorized to take care of new hire crews, SISMan has been trusted to handle deployment of rejoint crews for RCCL as well. With this agreement, automatically all crews (both new hires and rejoints) from previous RCCL Hiring Partner, can be handled over to SISMan.

Together with Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC Inc), one of the biggest manning agency in Philippine as well as SISMan prime partner in this project, we are doing our  to fulfil the inquiry of our principal (RCCL) to give the most qualified crews to be deployed in all cruise ships owned by RCCL. At the same time, we do our ultimate foremost to help all Indonesian crews to be recruited and deployed in all finest possible ways. As such, we do not associate with brokerage in any manner. Just like our precious baby, we seriously look after this Hiring Partner with RCCL project, or so-called cruise project by establishing new department, we name it CRUISE DEPARTMENT which is focusing on recruitment and deployment. The recruitment and deployment of the crews we divide it into 2 categories, hotel and marine. 

This year will be a wonderful year as we have a recruitment crew target that needs to be achieved which is 3,000 crews on board.


Become key maritime professional management and strategic partner for domestic and global stakeholders


Develop quality and integrity in crewing service

Maintain in the time development process

Maintain recruitment transparency process

Enhance one-stop service for maritime professional


1. Provide qualified New Hiring (NH) Crew

2. 95% NH Crew Visa Approval Rate

3. 0% rejected NH Crew after one month onboard

4. In time deployment service offered for NH Crew

5. Ensure NH Crew to get well prepared for VISA interview and its arrangement

6. Ensure NH Crew to perform well in English daily communication

7. Improve NH Crew personality and self-esteem

8. Ensure NH Crew to maintain good company image