wa samudera cruise


Publish date : 21-10-2020


Virtual activities sound to be frequented in this way, to keep up our activities such as a candidate interview selection, weekly agenda such as an English Fun, monthly agenda such as an Open Talk or even a webinar. At first, it felt so bitterly cold, but then it has become our routine and we love it.


Aside from an interview, we have a weekly agenda assigned for English fun, its sharing session that open public, the purpose is to gain knowledge about English skills and how we implemented. The lecturer will give the tutor and the last part is a quiz, for the one who got the higher score will acquire the prize. 


Last but not least Cruise Department equally has a monthly agenda such as Open Talk or Webinar which concentrates to guide the candidates who want to onboard through Samudera Indonesia. We deliver information that matches the requirements, guide the candidates through the correct way and avoid any kind of cunning activities.

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